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1 What is the name of the male character in French pantomime who usually wears a loose white costume and a pointed hat and has a sad white-painted face?
2 Mossel Bay is a harbour town which lies on the coast of which African country?
3 Swedish actress Greta Gustafsson was better known by what name?
4 Swiss National Day is celebrated during which month of the year?
5 Sam Walton founded which famous US retail chain in 1962?
6 In the game of Bingo, ‘Knock at the door’ is the nickname of which number?
7 The province of Banten is on which Asian island?
8 Who was the only US President not to be elected to office?
9 The liqueur creme de cassis is made with which fruit?
10 Which English author wrote the 1928 novel ‘Orlando: A Biography’?
11 Which American car manufacturer has a logo which features three shields inside a circle?
12 Which 1956 film starring Burt Lancaster was shot in Paris, including at the Cirque d’hiver?
13 In which year was the Oxford English Dictionary first published in ten volumes?
14 First broadcast in the UK 1958, what is the world’s longest running children’s television programme?
15 Mount Sneffels is in which US state?
16 Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney play brothers Seth and Richard Gecko in which 1996 film?
17 King John of England was the youngest son of which English monarch?
18 Pinkie, Cubitt and Ida Arnold are all characters in which Graham Green novel?
19 Which British island group was hit by an egg shortage in February 2012?
20 How many suicides are recorded in the Bible?