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1 Which circle of latitude on the Earth is also known as the Northern Tropic?
2 English statesman Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex, was executed during the reign of which English monarch?
3 Dipsophobia is the irrational fear of doing what?
4 The world’s first vacuum bottling factory was opened in which European country in 1804?
5 What is the tradition in Greece and Cyprus in which people eat fasting foods, such as vegetables and seafood, on the first day of Lent?
6 The AK Parti (the Justice and Development Party) is a political party in which country?
7 In which year was the Bank of England entirely nationalised?
8 Apart from English, what is the official language of Pakistan?
9 Which computer company was founded in 1983 as Control Video Corporation?
10 The Philippines were named after which king of Spain?
11 Who made his ‘I Am Prepared to Die’ speech in 1964 at the opening of the Rivonia Trial in South Africa?
12 In March 1975, which silent movie star was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II?
13 In the late 19th Century, who brought a libel action against the Marquess of Queensbury who won a counterclaim?
14 How many ribs does a human have?
15 US singer/songwriter Richard Wayne Penniman is better known by what name?
16 In the nursery rhyme, who was unable to be put together again by all the kings men?
17 Which country’s football team was runner up in the 1970 FIFA World Cup?
18 Which actress played ‘Bond girl’ Honey Ryder?
19 Which year saw the first ‘space tourist’ Dennis Tito, who paid a reported 20 million dollars to board the International Space Station?
20 What is the national plant of Ireland?