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1 In June 1988, which British jockey was stripped of his OBE after he was jailed for tax evasion?
2 Which country hosted the 1988 Summer Olympic Games?
3 Who succeeded Ronald Reagan as President of the US?
4 Who won the 1989 Ladies Singles Wimbledon Championship?
5 In December 1989 which Romanian dictator and his wife were executed after being found guilty for crimes against humanity?
6 Which classic arcade game was released in Japan on 22nd May 1980?
7 English musician Ian Curtis, who died on 18th May 1980, was best known as lead singer of which post-punk band?
8 In November 1986, who won their first world boxing title by defeating Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas?
9 What was the name of the 13 year old who achieved a Starred First in Mathematics at Oxford University in 1985, becoming the youngest British person ever to gain a First Class degree?
10 Who was elected leader of the British Social Democratic Party in July 1982?
11 On 1st March 1981, which Provisional Irish Republican Army member began a hunger strike for political status in Long Kesh prison, resulting in his death on May 5th?
12 Which Roman numerals depict the year 1988?
13 Which national newspaper, with full colour offset printing, was launched in the UK in March 1986?
14 What was the name of the Greenpeace vessel which was bombed and sunk in Auckland Harbour in July 1985?
15 Which British comedian suffered a heart attack on live television, and soon after died, in April 1984?
16 Which country hosted the 1982 FIFA World Cup?
17 Which British pop group won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest?
18 Which former Gestapo boss was sentenced to life imprisonment in July 1987 for crimes against humanity during World War II
19 Which London-based independent airline went bankrupt in February 1982, leaving 6,000 stranded passengers?
20 Which former US pop singer was elected Mayor of Palm Springs, California, in April 1988?