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1 Mr Worldly Wisemen appears in which 17th Century book?
2 Who plays Bob Barnes in the 2005 film ‘Syriana’?
3 Haw’s Syndrome is a common disease in which animal?
4 Who wrote the 1939 novel ‘The Grapes of Wrath’?
5 Sharm-el-Sheikh, Dahab and Taba are all resorts in which country?
6 A pompano is what type of creature?
7 In 1896, when women were not allowed to compete in the Olympic Games, Stamata Revithi ran which race on her own, the day after the men’s race?
8 What is the US state capital of South Carolina?
9 What is the currency of Turkey?
10 The ‘Mahlabatari Declaration of Faith’ was a statement of core principles laid down by the political leaders of which country in 1974?
11 Sebastiano Carezo is credited with inventing which Spanish dance in 1780?
12 Who was the first US President to appear on colour television?
13 In 1963, in which country did operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti make his first appearance outside Italy?
14 What is the name of Mrs Pumphrey’s dog in the television series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’?
15 Dent is French for which part of the body?
16 Which video game series follows the adventures of Sackboy?
17 Which English novelist is credited with introducing pillar (post) boxes to the UK mainland?
18 The Perry Bar Stadium in Birmingham, England, holds what type of races?
19 Scottish artist, Sir Henry Raeburn was knighted by which British monarch in 1822?
20 Which is the largest city in Canada by population?