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1 A prestidigitator performs what?
2 What is the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival?
3 The medical condition glaucoma affects which part of the body?
4 Hirudin is a naturally occurring peptide in the salivary glands of which creatures used in medicine?
5 Which rugby union team play their home games at Salford City Stadium?
6 In the animal kingdom, what is the world’s largest land predator?
7 Diablo, Jalpa, Urraco and Islero are all models made by which car manufacturer?
8 Who played James Bond in the 1977 film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’?
9 Blunging, Fettling, Saggar and Wedging are all terms used in which craft?
10 The Cowal Highland Gathering (the Cowal Games) are held every August in which Scottish town?
11 In which US state is Lower Lake?
12 ‘Triticum’ is the Latin name for which cereal crop?
13 Jemima Goldsmith married which famous cricketer in 1995?
14 Who composed the opera ‘The Marriage of Figaro’?
15 Which Italian cookery term means ‘To the tooth’?
16 The national opera company Opera North is based in which English city?
17 What is the young of a shark called?
18 What is the surname of Eric in the animated television series ‘Stressed Eric’?
19 In art, the Dada movement (Dadaism) originated in which European country during World War I?
20 Which sports promoter became chairman of Leyton Orient FC in 1995?