1 Which animals are the subject of the novel ‘Watership Down’? Rabbits
2 During which month of the year is the US PGA golf tournament held? August
3 Which US television sitcom, starring Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker, debuted in January 1971? All In The Family
4 In humans, Polyphagia is an excessive desire to do what? Eat
5 The River Seine empties into which body of water? English Channel
6 What type of creature is a Smooth Hound? Shark
7 US professional wrestler and actor Terry Gene Bollea is better known by what name? Hulk Hogan
8 Who became Secretary General of the United Nations in January 1972? Kurt Waldheim
9 The ‘Dinshaway Incident’ is the name given to a 1906 dispute between British military officers and the locals of which African country? Egypt
10 The ‘Delta Works’ is a series of construction projects in which European country, to protect large areas of land from the sea? Netherlands
11 James and Elizabeth are the children of which former British Prime Minister? John Major
12 Chorophobia is the irrational fear of which activity? Dancing
13 Which is the only US state to have only one syllable in its name? Maine
14 What is the name of the little girl who appears in the UK television series ‘The Magic Roundabout’? Florence
15 In ancient history, which Carthagian general beat the Romans at Cannae in 216 BC? Hannibal
16 In betting, what odds are known as ‘Double Carpet’? 33 to 1
17 Edward Woodstock, The Black Prince, was the eldest son of which English monarch? King Edward III
18 Piano Sonata No.14 by Beethoven is popularly known by what name? Moonlight Sonata
19 Which fashion designer opened his ‘Little Black Jacket’ photo exhibition in Paris in November 2012? Karl Lagerfeld
20 Rappelling is another name for which activity/sport? Abseiling