1 The English towns of Abingdon, Wallingford and Marlow lie on which river? River Thames
2 Who played the father, Col. William Ludlow, in the 1994 film ‘Legends of the Fall’? Anthony Hopkins
3 Which word in Hinduism means duty, virtue and morality, and refers to the power which upholds the Universe? Dharma
4 Who was the spouse of Queen Mary I of England? Philip II of Spain
5 What is the Zodiac sign of someone born on 31st May? Gemini
6 The city of Melbourne in Australia lies on which river? River Yarra
7 English singer/songwriter Stephen Nice, born 1951, is better known by what name? Steve Harley
8 The Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is a geographical region of which Canadian province? Alberta
9 Sovereignty of the Liancourt Rocks is disputed between which two Asian countries? South Korea and Japan
10 Giallo is Italian for which colour? Yellow
11 On which part of the body would a barrette be worn? Head
12 Garrotxa cheese is made from the milk of which animal? Goat
13 ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’ were US codes for what during World War II? Nuclear weapons (bombs)
14 Who has been shown the most yellow cards while playing for the England football team? David Beckham – 17
15 Which artist sculpted the ‘Pieta’ in the late 15th Century? Michelangelo
16 Which is the largest city in Europe by population? London
17 Which town in Wales has been the home of the Royal Mint since 1968? Llantrisant
18 What is a female zebra called? Mare
19 What number shirt did England rugby union player Jonny Wilkinson wear in the 2011 World Cup? 10
20 In humans, horripilation is more commonly known by what name? Goosebumps