1 What are the first names of the two former boxing brothers Spinks? Leon and Michael
2 Somen Banerjee and Paul Snider founded which male touring dance troupe in 1979? Chippendales
3 Which famous London building was destroyed by fire in November 1936? The Crystal Palace
4 The volcanoes, Mount Pinatubo and Taal are in which Asian country? Philippines
5 In Greek mythology, who was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, who changed the blessing to a curse because she would not accept Apollo as her lover, causing her prophecies never to be believed? Cassandra
6 What colour is the name of a US Ivy league university? Brown
7 How many books, altogether, make up The Bible? 66
8 Blaze, Bubble and Shootout are all terms used in which card game? Poker
9 What is Margaret Houlihan’s nickname in the US television series M*A*S*H? Hotlips
10 A hoatzin is what type of creature? Bird
11 What is the name of the official country residence of the British Prime Minister? Chequers
12 In poetry, a quatrain is a stanza or complete poem consisting of how many lines of verse? Four
13 Who wrote the 1921 book ‘Scaramouche’? Rafael Sabatini
14 Laguna del Carbon (Coal Lagoon) is the lowest point in which South American country? Argentina
15 Which queen was the last British monarch to veto an Act of Parliament? Queen Anne
16 ‘The ultimate driving machine’ is an advertising slogan for which make of car? BMW
17 In the US, which state lies to the east of Arizona? New Mexico
18 Which is the eighth planet from the sun? Neptune
19 In medicine, Dupuytren’s Contracture affects which part of the body? Hand/fingers
20 What was the name of the horse ridden by jockey Frankie Dettori in the 2007 Epsom Derby? Authorized