1 Dermatophobia is the irrational fear of disease of which part of the body? Skin
2 The State Hermitage Museum is in which Russian city? St Petersburg
3 Fraise is French for which fruit? Strawberry
4 The Diamantina Trench lies in which ocean? Indian ocean
5 Colleen McLoughlin married which English footballer in 2008? Wayne Rooney
6 In religion, there are how many Stations of the Cross? 14
7 Tethys and Mimas are moons of which planet in our solar system? Saturn
8 Kenneth Wolstenholme was a commentator for which sport? Football
9 In December 2006 a version of the board game ‘Operation’ was released in which the player operates on which fictional superhero? Spider-Man
10 The Piazza Navona is in which European city? Rome
11 Which US President was shot by assassin Charles J Guiteau in 1881? James A Garfield
12 Jacob Epstein and Barbara Hepworth were famous in which branch of the arts? Sculpture
13 Dydd Mawrth is Welsh for which day of the week? Tuesday
14 Which US psychologist and writer popularised the carchphrase ‘Turn on, tune in, drop out’? Timothy Leary
15 In the game of Bingo, ‘Christmas Cake’ is the call sign for which number? 38
16 Brothers Tom and Ben Youngs joined which English rugby union club in 2006? Leicester Tigers
17 Known as ‘The Liberator of South America’, political leader Simon Bolivar became President of which country in 1813? Venezuela
18 Who wrote the 1930 novel ‘The Maltese Falcon’? Dashiel Hammett
19 The term ‘Heavy metal’ is said to have first appeared in which 1968 song? Born To Be Wild
20 During which year did British sovereignty of Hong Kong end? 1997