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1 What colour was the medal ribbon on the Naval Victoria Cross until 1918?
2 Who became head of the KGB in May 1967?
3 What does the Latin phrase ‘Ars gratia artis’ translate to in English?
4 A siskin is what type of bird?
5 In mythology, which Egyptian god killed Osiris by drowning him?
6 In 1746, Scottish naval surgeon James Lind pioneered the treatment of which disease?
7 All Saints Day is celebrated on the 1st of which month?
8 A nullipara is a woman who has never done what?
9 What is the capital of Lithuania?
10 Vectis was the Roman name for which island off the coast of Britain?
11 On a standard dartboard, which number lies opposite 6?
12 Rosh Hashanah is the New year festival in which religion?
13 What was the name of William Shakespeare’s twins by Ann Hathaway?
14 Which fictional character is known as ‘The boy who never grew up’?
15 What is the highest reward bestowed by the Royal Horticultural Society?
16 What is the official language of Zambia?
17 Which English singer has a son called Zachary Jackson Levon?
18 British monarchs George V, Edward VIII and George VI all reigned during which year?
19 Business magnate Bill gates dropped out which US university?
20 A tetrachordo bouzouki has how many pairs of strings?