1 Kenny Shiels became permanent manager of which Scottish football club in 2011? Kilmarnock
2 Which colour represents Line 11 of the Paris Metro rail system? Brown
3 Which Stephen King novel is said to have been rejected by 30 different publishers? Carrie
4 In the Bible, what is the surname of Judas, who kissed Jesus in the garden of Gethsemene? Iscariot
5 A biped is an animal with how many feet? Two
6 Egg, Barcelona, Ball and Korum are all types of which item of furniture? Chair
7 46664 was the prison number of which famous political figure? Nelson Mandela
8 Which New York airport was re-named after late President John F Kennedy? Idlewild Airport
9 Who plays David Starsky in the 2004 film ‘Starsky and Hutch’? Ben Stiller
10 ‘The Battle of the Ages’ took place in April 1991 between George Foreman and which other boxer? Evander Holyfield
11 Columbus Day in the US is celebrated during which month? October
12 How many compartments does a camel’s stomach have? Three
13 Mombasa is the chief port of which country? Kenya
14 What was the middle name of former US President Richard Nixon? Milhous
15 Which are the four Cardinal signs of the Zodiac? Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
16 Which television chef published the 2008 book ‘How To Cheat at Cooking’? Delia Smith
17 The Suez Canal joins the Red Sea and which other body of water? Mediterranean Sea
18 In medicine, naupathia is a term for which common condition? Sea sickness
19 Who was the last Tudor monarch of England? Elizabeth I
20 Bolt Head is a headland on the coast of which English county? Devon