1 How many legs does a ladybird have? Six
2 Hoary, Brazilian free-tailed, Seminole and northern Yellow are all types of which creature? Bat
3 What does Fe represent in the Periodic Table? Iron
4 The Azadi sports stadium is in which country? Iran
5 Which bean is the main flavour of the liqueur Tia Maria? Coffee bean
6 In medicine, an Amsler grid is used for examining which part of the body? Eyes
7 Mieszko I was the first historically documented ruler of which modern-day European country? Poland
7 In which European city was explorer Marco Polo born? Venice
8 Avarua is the capital of which island group? The Cook Islands
9 A ‘prie-dieu’ is a narrow desk-like bench on which to kneel and do what? Pray
10 ‘Wot a lot I got’ was the advertising slogan for which confectionery items? Smarties
11 Which fruit is the international symbol of hospitality? Pineapple
12 How often does a national census take place in Britain? Every ten years
13 Serial and Parallel are ports found in what? A computer
14 The Painted Desert lies in which US state? Arizona
15 A Malamute is what type of animal? Dog
16 What was the first name of US President Grover Cleveland? Stephen
17 Cartoon character Penrod Pooch is better known by what name? Hong Kong Phooey
18 In retail, what does EPOS stand for? Electronic Point Of Sale
19 Rapper/songwriter Eminem made his official film debut in which 2002 film? 8 Mile
20 Vingt-et-Un is which number in English? Twenty One