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1 ‘The curfew tolls the knell of parting day’ is the first line of which poem?
2 Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was Member of Parliament for which London borough?
3 A seismograph is an instrument which measures and records details of what?
4 Who played Sir James bond in the 1967 comedy spy film ‘Casino Royale’?
5 What is Madame Bovary’s first name in the 1856 novel by Gustave Flaubert?
6 On a QWERTY keyboard, which two letters have raised marks to assist with touch typing?
7 The first cast iron bridge built in England crossed which river?
8 Who is the Roman goddess of the dawn?
9 What is the name of the first three Michelin Star restaurant in England?
10 A Silver Jubilee is the anniversary of how many years of a significant event?
11 What is the young of a giraffe called?
12 The Blisworth Canal Tunnel is in which English county?
13 What was the maiden name of Prince Charles’ second wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall?
14 Atonement, Enduring Love and Solar are all novels by which Author?
15 Which composer wrote the ‘Bridal Chorus’, popularly known as ‘Here Comes the Bride’?
16 How many bottles of champagne in a Jeroboam?
17 Salix Babylonica is the Latin name for which tree?
18 In which country is Lake Onega?
19 The mythical creature ‘Niseag’ is better known by what name?
20 Which planet has 687 Earth days to one year?