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1 In which English palace was British politician Winston Churchill born?
2 Who wrote the 1884 novel ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’?
3 The ptarmigan belongs to which bird family?
4 A cartomaniac is a collector of what?
5 Juliana was the queen of which European country between 1948 and 1980?
6 Oedema is the technical term for which medical condition?
7 Composer Joseph-Maurice Ravel was born in which country?
8 In football, which British goalkeeper was known as ‘The Cat’?
9 The town of Bakewell is in which English county?
10 Model Marie Helvin was the third wife of which famous photographer?
11 The Confederation Cup is competed for in which sport?
12 Which city has the largest port in Europe?
13 Pyrosis is the medical tern for which common complaint?
14 The Oaks horse race is run at which British race course?
15 Turkey, Clover, Nadler and Gutter are all terms used in which game?
16 Hirci is the hair on which part of the body?
17 Cricketer Herschelle Gibbs was born in which country?
18 The Athabasca oil sands are large deposits of heavy crude oil located in which country?
19 Disco Volante is the name of Emilio Largo’s yacht in which James Bond film?
20 Who wrote the 1952 book ‘The Borrowers’?