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1 The heaviest swinging bell in England is in which cathedral?
2 In medicine, dysphonia is difficulty in doing what?
3 Sophie, Mark and Jeremy are the three main characters in which UK Channel 4 television series?
4 In computing, what does the ‘L’ in URL stand for?
5 Which is the only sign of the Zodiac represented by an object, rather than a person or animal?
6 What type of animal is a chital?
7 Who became the first female Prime Minister of Israel, in 1969?
8 Who won the gold medal in light-heavyweight boxing in the 1960 Summer Olympics?
9 What is the title of Take That’s first UK number one single?
10 US actress Susan Tomalin is better known by what name?
11 Who plays Dr John Becker in the US television series ‘Becker’?
12 Freetown is the capital of which African country?
13 Russian doctor Ivan Pavlov was known for his experiments on which animals?
14 Which British monarch died in October 1760?
15 In nature, what are Spring and Neap?
16 The Singapura is one of the smallest breeds of which animal?
17 The First World War began during which month of 1914?
18 Who wrote the 1963 novel ‘Ice Station Zebra’?
19 ‘The Fight of the Millennium’ took place in Las Vegas in September 1999 between Felix Trinidad and which other boxer?
20 In which year was the maximum speed limit of 70 mph introduced in the UK?