1 What does the Latin phrase ‘Amor caecus est’ translate to in English? Love is blind
2 Who wrote the 1976 novel ‘Roots: The Saga of an American Family’? Alex Haley
3 On which part of the body would a Hwagwan be worn? Head
4 How many zeros are in a US billion? Nine
5 What colour is the skin of a kumquat? Orange
6 Innsbruck is the capital of which Austrian state? Tyrol
7 Which UK retail chain sells the ‘Tu’ range of clothing? Sainsburys
8 In May 1973, which male tennis player challenged and defeated Margaret Court, the world’s number one women’s player in their ‘Mother’s Day’ Match? Bobby Riggs
9 What is the process of gathering fabric by means of drawn or elasticated threads in parallel rows? Shirring
10 Which sport was known as ‘Sphairistike’? Tennis
11 What does the title of the painting ‘Le Fils de l’Homme’ by Rene Magritte translate to in English? The Son of Man
12 According to British superstition, ‘Marry in ‘when’ and you’ll live to rue the day’? May
13 Northern Rhodesia is now known by what name? Zambia
14 Thermodynamics is the study of what? Heat
15 A ‘Nelipot’ is someone who is said to walk without what? Shoes
16 Princess Margaret, the sister of Queen Elizabeth II, had what middle name? Rose
17 Which English world professional darts player walks onto the stage to the tune of ‘We Are The Champions’ by Queen? Bobby George
18 Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is in which country? Vietnam
19 What was the name of the first US space station, launched in 1973? Skylab
20 What breed of dog is a Blenheim? Spaniel