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1 The remains of King Richard III were found in a council car park in which English city in 2012?
2 For how many years was Richard III king of England?
3 At which English castle in Northamptonshire was King Richard III born?
4 Who was the mother of King Richard III of England?
5 Which English monarch was the elder brother of King Richard III?
6 King Richard III was the last of the Plantagenet dynasty and last king of which royal house?
7 What is the name of the battlefield where, traditionally, King Richard III of England died?
8 How old was King Richard III of England when he died?
9 Who defeated King Richard III in the last battle of the ‘Wars of the Roses’?
10 Before he became king of England, Richard III was Duke of ‘where’?
11 Who was the wife of King Richard III of England?
12 Who was the only child of King Richard III of England and his queen consort?
13 The English ‘Wars of the Roses’ were fought between which two ‘Houses’?
14 In English history what colour was the rose of the House of York?
15 Where did Richard III ‘imprison’ his two young nephews in order to eliminate them from succession to the throne so that he could gain the crown of England?
16 ‘Richard III’ is a late 16th Century play by which English playwright and poet?
17 Middleham Castle, where Richard III spent several years of his childhood, is in which English county?
18 Who succeeded Richard III to the English throne?
19 What was the nickname of King Richard III of England?
20 In which year did King Richard III of England die?