1 Which group of islands lie off the coast of Normandy, France? Channel Islands
2 Former British Prime minister Margaret Thatcher has what middle name? Hilda
3 What is the name of the female alter-ego of Turner Prize winner Grayson perry? Claire
4 Cross, Tail and Head are all types of which weather condition? Wind
5 Balmoral Castle is in which European country? Scotland
6 The English resort of Clacton-on-Sea lies on which body of water? North Sea
7 The winner of the UK television series ‘The Apprentice’ gets the chance to work for which British businessman? Alan Sugar
8 On a regular clockface, which number lies opposite number one? 7
9 What colour is the ten Euro banknote? Red
10 Cervello is Italian for which part of the body? Brain
11 Which English entertainer was born Thomas William Hicks in December 1936? Tommy Steele
12 The International Inferno Race is a four-day amateur event in which sport? Skiing
13 Dyce Airport is in which British city? Aberdeen
14 Who did Richard Nixon defeat in 1968 to become US President? Hubert H Humphrey
15 The famous ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ died in which prison in 1703? The Bastille
16 Psellismophobia is the fear of doing what? Stuttering
17 What was the name of the motel in Tennessee in which Martin Luther King Jr was shot dead in 1968? Lorraine Motel
18 How many Harry Potter books were written by J K Rowling? Seven
19 During which month of 1971 did Britain change its currency to decimal? February
20 In the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte in which year was Jane born? 1820