1 According to the 1964 song, Roger Miller was ‘King of the ‘what’? Road
2 Peter Parker is the alter-ego of which fictional superhero? Spiderman
3 What is the name of the branch of biology that studies plants? Botany
4 What are the native people of Australia called? Aborigines
5 Which US city did Scott McKenzie sing about in 1967? San Francisco
6 Who is the Roman god of the sea? Neptune
7 Television presenter Kirsty, singer Will and former cricketer Bradley all share which surname? Young
8 Which domestic animal was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians? The cat
9 What is the extra murder weapon in the 1999 50th Anniversary Cluedo game? Bottle of poison
10 What value points is the brown ball in a game of snooker? Four
11 In the game of cricket, what does LBW stand for? Leg Before Wicket
12 Which battle is known as ‘Custer’s Last Stand’? Battle of the Little Bighorn
13 What is the name of a long-bodied marine fish and a person who unscrupulously exploits or swindles others? Shark
14 British actor Maurice Micklewhite is better known by what name? Michael Caine
15 Robert I of Scotland was known as ‘Robert the ‘what’? Bruce
16 Which US singer/musician played Leather Tuscadero in the television show ‘Happy Days’? Suzi Quatro
17 What is the national animal of Finland? Brown bear
18 How many squares are on a chess board? 64
19 In the human body, molars, canines and incisors are all what? Teeth
20 How many events make up a biathlon? Two