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1 According to the 1964 song, Roger Miller was ‘King of the ‘what’?
2 Peter Parker is the alter-ego of which fictional superhero?
3 What is the name of the branch of biology that studies plants?
4 What are the native people of Australia called?
5 Which US city did Scott McKenzie sing about in 1967?
6 Who is the Roman god of the sea?
7 Television presenter Kirsty, singer Will and former cricketer Bradley all share which surname?
8 Which domestic animal was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians?
9 What is the extra murder weapon in the 1999 50th Anniversary Cluedo game?
10 What value points is the brown ball in a game of snooker?
11 In the game of cricket, what does LBW stand for?
12 Which battle is known as ‘Custer’s Last Stand’?
13 What is the name of a long-bodied marine fish and a person who unscrupulously exploits or swindles others?
14 British actor Maurice Micklewhite is better known by what name?
15 Robert I of Scotland was known as ‘Robert the ‘what’?
16 Which US singer/musician played Leather Tuscadero in the television show ‘Happy Days’?
17 What is the national animal of Finland?
18 How many squares are on a chess board?
19 In the human body, molars, canines and incisors are all what?
20 How many events make up a biathlon?