1 What is the surname of Diane in the US television series ‘Cheers’? Chambers
2 Who directed the 1996 film ‘Secrets and Lies’? Mike Leigh
3 Classic Judaism teaches that there will be no prophet greater than who? Moses
4 The Tatmadaw are the armed forces of which Asian country? Burma (Myanmar)
5 Who won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize? Martin Luther King Jr
6 The ‘what’ Cap is one of the most poisonous toadstools in the world? Death
7 The Orascom business group is based in which African country? Egypt
8 What is the name of the retired gunslinger, played by Clint Eastwood, in the 1992 film ‘Unforgiven’? William Munny
9 A mynah is what type of creature? Bird
10 Which famous UK television duo provide the voices for the main characters in the children’s program ‘Engie Benjy’? Ant and Dec
11 The cast of which US television show had a 2009 hit with ‘Don’t Stop Believin’? Glee
12 ‘Stairway to Heaven’ represents which Bingo number? 27
13 Which English singer released an 2004 album entitled ‘Unwritten’? Natasha Bedingfield
14 Giugno is Italian for which month of the year? June
15 Actor Neil Burgess plays Barry Scott in the UK television commercial for which cleaning product? Cillit Bang
16 Oscar de la Hoya, Jack Dempsey and George Chuvalo are all associated with which sport? Boxing
17 What, generally, is the par on a 300 yard golf hole? Four
18 What is a Jewish place of worship called? Synagogue
19 In the 2012 Olympic Games, who became Britain’s first Taekwondo Olympic medallist? Sarah Stevenson
20 Who played Smee in the 1991 film ‘Hook’? Bob Hoskins