1 The Star of ‘who’ appears on the National flag of Israel? David
2 What was the name of the ‘St Trinians’ cartoonist? Ronald Searle
3 What does the Latin phrase ‘De die in diem’ translate to in English? From day to day
4 Crimp, Raven and Elmsley Count are all terms used in what? Magic/card tricks
5 In medicine, dysphagia is difficulty in doing what? Swallowing
6 The town of Crotch Lake is in which Canadian province? Ontario
7 A ‘Singing Hinny’ is what type of foodstuff’? Cake
8 Claudia was the first name of the wife of which US President? Lyndon B Johnson
9 The Beas Dam is in which Asian country? India
10 What is the cube root of 912,673? 97
11 Which South American country has the International Vehicle Registration RCH? Chile
12 What is the name of Tarzan’s chimpanzee friend? Cheeta
13 Notorious British peer Richard John Bingham is better known by what name? Lord Lucan
14 Who plays Jack’s mother in the 1995 film ‘Jack and Sarah’? Judi Dench
15 In which decade of the 20th Century did the Alcatraz Island federal penitentiary close? 1960’s
16 The famous Badnutt’s Palace Hotel is in which European winter resort? St Moritz
17 What is the official language of Liechtenstein? German
18 US television presenter Jerry Springer was born in which city? London
19 Tony Lumpkin, Constance Neville and George Hastings are all characters in which play by Irish author Oliver Goldsmith? She Stoops to Conquer
20 Which mother and son were both Prime Ministers of India? Indira and Rajiv Gandhi