1 Which British monarch was the last Emperor of India? King George VI
2 Tess Coleman, Jake and Pei Pei are all characters in which 2003 Disney film? Freaky Friday
3 The seaport of Dar-es Salaam is in which African country? Tanzania
4 Mytacism is the incorrect or excessive use of which letter of the English alphabet? M
5 How long, in metres, is an Olympic size swimming pool? 50 metres
6 The bouzouki is the traditional musical instrument of which European country? Greece
7 In 1994, who bought Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester (or Codex Hammer) for $30.8 million at auction, making it the most expensive book ever sold? Bill Gates
8 Which bodybuilding competition, first held in 1965, was created by Joe Weider to enable Mr Universe winners to continue competing and to earn money? Mr Olympia
9 In the game of snooker, which colour ball should be pocketed after all the reds? Yellow
10 Who sang the theme song to the BBC television series ‘Dad’s Army’? Bud Flanagan
11 The A3 road crosses which bridge over the River Thames? London Bridge
12 Which English football club is nicknamed ‘The Baggies’? West Bromwich Albion FC
13 What is the name of the coffee bean, the most expensive in the world, which is eaten and excreted by the civet? Kopi Luwak
14 Which 2008 musical film is set on the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi? Mamma Mia
15 Which sports promoter became chairman of Leyton Orient FC in 1995? Barry Hearne
16 On a cat, ‘Vibrissae’ are more commonly known by what name? Whiskers
17 What was the surname of British horticulturalist and garden designer Gertrude, who died in 1932? Jekyll
18 The first Tesco store opened in 1929 in which Greater London town? Edgeware (Burnt Oak)
19 Which British singer released a 2003 album entitled ‘Life For Rent’? Dido
20 Bankstown Airport is in which Australian state? New South Wales