1 Who became England football team manager in 1977? Ron Greenwood
2 The first FA cup final was held at which London venue in 1872? Kennington Oval
3 What was the name of the England football team mascot for the 1966 FIFA World Cup? World Cup Willie
4 Which English football club play their home games at Pride Park Stadium? Derby County
5 Royal Charleroi SC is a football club in which European country? Belgium
6 In 2010 Thiery Henry joined which US football club? New York Red Bulls
7 Which English football club won the 2000 FA Cup? Chelsea
8 Who was the only England team goalkeeper picked by then manager Glenn Hoddle? David James
9 Which number shirt does footballer Wayne Rooney wear for Manchester United? 10
10 Which Scottish football club is nicknamed ‘The Jags’? Partick Thistle FC
11 Davide Santon, Dino Zoff and Simone Barone have all played for which national football team? Italy
12 Which national football team won gold medals at the 2012 Olympic Games, after beating Brazil 2-1? Mexico
13 The IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics) named which goalkeeper The Best of the 20th Century? Lev Yashin
14 Which English football club was nicknamed ‘The Crazy Gang’ by the media in the 1980’s and 90’s? Wimbledon FC
15 Former footballer Vinnie Jones captained which national team? Wales
16 Who scored the final goal in the 1966 FIFA World Cup final? Geoff Hurst
17 What is footballer Ryan Giggs real surname? Wilson
18 Which English football club has the Latin inscription ‘Audere est facere’ on its badge? Tottenham Hotspur
19 Which 1981 film , directed by John Huston, starred footballers Bobby Moore, Pele and Osvaldo Ardiles? Escape to Victory
20 Who was the first footballer to be sent off the pitch while playing for England? Alan Mullery _ 1968