1 Which late British author of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ had a blue plaque unveiled in October 2012 at Manchester University, where he studied? Anthony Burgess
2 In 1959, Luna 2 became the first man-made object to crash where? On the moon
3 Who directed the 1955 film ‘To Catch a Thief’? Alfred Hitchcock
4 Which breed of dog is cartoon character Snoopy? Beagle
5 The medical condition Ichthyosis affects which part of the body? Skin
6 What is a female mouse called? Doe
7 What type of musical instrument is a Burns Bison? Guitar
8 Which ‘S’ is a group of geese in flight? Skein
9 Donatello’s Bronze Statue of David shows David’s foot on whose severed head? Goliath’s
10 Mount Nemrut is in which European country? Turkey
11 Which musical instrument is used in the ‘Third Man Theme’, otherwise known as ‘The Harry Lime Theme’? Zither
12 On which part of the body would a diadem be worn? Head _ type of crown
13 Limburger cheese is made from the milk of which animal? Cow
14 Karl Stromberg is the name of the villain in which James Bond film? The Spy Who Loved Me
15 Sir William Vernon Harcourt was Home Secretary in which British Prime Minister’s government? William Gladstone
16 What colour is the snake on the logo of car manufacturer Alfa Romeo? Green
17 Tocology is the study of what in humans? Childbirth
18 On June 4th 1979, Joe Clark became the 16th and youngest Prime Minister of which country? Canada
19 The Rufiyaa is the currency of which island group? Maldives
20 Who was the father of English monarch King Henry I? William the Conqueror