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1 In which European city was Giacomo Casanova born?
2 What is the traditional colour of a wedding dress in China?
3 The Darya-i-Nur pink diamond is part of the crown jewels of which country?
4 How many times did late actress Elizabeth Taylor marry?
5 Who was the mother of the Greek god Eros?
6 Which nuts are traditionally given as ‘Wedding Favours’ to a bride’s guests?
7 Who is the Greek goddess of love and marriage?
8 How many children did Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have?
9 What is the name of Juliet’s cousin, and Romeo’s rival, in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet?
10 What is the name of Scarlett and Rhett’s daughter in the novel ‘Gone With the Wind’?
11 Who was said to have laid his cloak over a puddle for Queen Elizabeth I?
12 Torero, Grand Prix, Passion and Splendid Surprise are all varieties of what?
13 The 1955 film ‘Love is a Many Splendored Thing’ is set in which city?
14 Which designer label has a perfume called ‘Loverdose’?
15 Which couturier designed Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding dress?
16 Actress Meg Ryan married which actor on 14th February 1991?
17 What is the name of the 17th Century monk who it is believed was the inventor of champagne?
18 In an episode of the television show ‘The Simpsons’, who does Lisa give a Valentine card to with a picture of a train saying ‘I Choo Choo Choose You’?
19 The phrase ‘Sweets to the sweet’ is from which Shakespeare play?
20 On which date is St Valentine’s Day traditionally celebrated?