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1 How many events make up a Triathlon?
2 The terms Silver, Forked and Twister are all associated with which part of the body?
3 What is the name of a small, ground-dwelling songbird and something done for fun?
4 Convict Magwitch appears in which novel by Charles Dickens?
5 ‘The Pond’ is an informal term for which ocean?
6 What was the surname of US songwriting brothers George and Ira?
7 British monarchs are traditionally crowned in which London building?
8 What is 1500 in Roman numerals?
9 What is the largest natural lake in England?
10 What is the national bird of New Zealand?
11 What value points is the black ball in the game of snooker?
12 How many bails are part of a wicket in a game of cricket?
13 Which substance makes bread rise?
14 Miel is French for which foodstuff?
15 What colour is The Old Kent Road on a Monopoly board?
16 What colour ‘Christmas’ did Elvis Presley sing about in 1964?
17 How many seconds are there in an hour?
18 Pavane, Polonaise and Polka are all types of what activity?
19 Which fictional superhero is known as ‘The Man of Steel’?
20 In the US in the 1920’s and 1930’s the Chicago Piano was a slang term for what?