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1 Charlotte Cooper won which event at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris?
2 What is the title of Sean Connery’s fourth James Bond film?
3 Caprine relates to which animal?
4 Which British satirical and current affairs magazine was first published on 1961?
5 A jewelled copy of which famous book of poems was amongst the cargo lost on the Titanic?
6 ‘2 Become 1’, ‘Say You’ll Be There’ and ‘Viva Forever’ were all number one hit singles by which British group?
7 Who wrote the 1953 novel ‘The Go-Between’?
8 A papio hamadryas is what type of creature?
9 What is the title of the first BBC television series to be sold to the Soviet Union?
10 What is the capital of Kenya?
11 Which American band had a 1970’s UK hit with ‘Let’s Work Together’?
12 Dahomey was an African kingdom in which present-day republic?
13 Who plays William Hurt’s wife Sarah in the 1988 film ‘The Accidental Tourist’?
14 Hymenopetrous Formicidae is the scientific name for which insect?
15 In which UK city is Pleasure Beach Railway Station?
16 What colour is Trap 4 in greyhound racing in the UK?
17 During which month in 1912 did RMS Titanic strike an iceberg and sink?
18 Which Bronte sister used the pseudonym Currer Bell?
19 What is the title of late singer Roy Orbison’s first UK number hit single?
20 Which Austrian composer is known as the ‘Father of the String Quartet’?