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1 Which is the most powerful chess piece?
2 What is the name of Batman’s sidekick and ward?
3 In which ocean is Tahiti?
4 What colour is the ‘Little Corvette’ in the 1983 single by Prince?
5 The port of Dover is in which English county?
6 During which month of the year is Hogmanay celebrated?
7 Sir Christopher Wren designed which famous London cathedral?
8 Michael Hutchence was the lead singer in which Australian band?
9 How is the number ten written in Roman numerals?
10 How many pins are traditionally used in a game of skittles?
11 In which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical does the cast wear roller skates?
12 Which sign of the Zodiac is represented by the fish?
13 What is 255 divided by 5?
14 John and Edward Grimes, who first appeared on ITV’s 2009 X Factor, are known by what name?
15 Which fictional character uses the expression ‘Eat my shorts’?
16 In Greek mythology who is the messenger god?
17 How high is the crossbar of a FIFA rules football goal in feet?
18 What is the capital of Hungary?
19 How many letters are on the bottom letters row of a QWERTY keyboard?
20 Which US city is known as The Windy City?