1 Roquet, Tice and Pioneer are all terms used in which game? Croquet
2 In the 1940 Disney film ‘Pinocchio’ what is the name of Geppetto’s goldfish? Cleo
3 Austrian monk Gregor Mendel discovered the Laws of ‘what’? Heredity
4 Who is the President of The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon? The Duke of Kent
5 The German ‘Schutzstaffel’ was more commonly known as what? The SS
6 The leaf of which plant is said to relieve nettle stings? Dock
7 If something is ‘Napiform’, it’s shaped like which vegetable? Turnip
8 What was the first name of Labour politician Keir Hardie Sr? James
9 Accubation is the practice of eating and drinking while doing what? Lying down/reclining
10 On which island is Ronaldsway Airport? Isle of Man
11 British comedians Jo, Katy and Russell all share which surname? Brand
12 The ‘Pythagorean Theorem’ is used in which branch of mathematics? Geometry
13 Kuala Lumpur is the capital of which country? Malaysia
14 Xerasia is an excessive dryness of which part of the body? Hair
15 Which band released a 2001 album entitled ‘Amnesiac’? Radiohead
16 Who wrote the 1974 novel ‘Carrie’? Stephen King
17 Wicken Fen is in which English county? Cambridgeshire
18 Musician and composer Ravi Shankar was associated with which musical instrument? Sitar
19 Bufonophobia is the fear of which creatures? Toads
20 What was the name of British singer Lulu’s 1960’s backing group? The Luvvers