1 English artist Ben Nicholson married which British sculptor in 1938? Barbara Hepworth
2 Who published a 1754 book of his designs entitled ‘The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director’? Thomas Chippendale
3 In 2002, who was the first athlete to win FHM’s ‘Sexiest Woman in the World’ award? Anna Kournikova
4 On the human body, where is the line of life? Palm of the hand
5 Halifax is the capital of which Canadian province? Nova Scotia
6 Hamida Djandoubi was the last person in France to be executed by what method, in September 1977? Guillotine
7 The coffee shop ‘Central Perk’ features in which US television series? Friends
8 What were the first names of Scottish author A J Cronin? Archibald Joseph
9 What type of weather condition was known as a ‘London Particular’? Fog
10 Which two words are inscribed on the Victoria Cross? For Valour
11 Which two cities did the Orient Express originally travel between? Paris and Istanbul
12 Delft pottery comes from which European country? Netherlands
13 How many contestants are at the start of the UK television quiz show ‘The Chase’? Four
14 ‘The Singing…’what’ is a famous painting by Scottish artist Jack Vetriano? Butler
15 What did the first vending machine in the US dispense? Chewing gum
16 Barney the Owl is a mascot of which English football club? Sheffield Wednesday FC
17 Which US author won the 1953 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’? Ernest Hemingway
18 Anna Leonowens is a character in which 1956 film? The King and I
19 What is the modern name for the African country Bechuanaland? Botswana
20 Who directed the 2009 film ‘Avatar’? James Cameron