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1 Violinist Yehudi Menuhin was born in which City?
2 In cricket, which nation won the 2009 Ashes series?
3 The islands of Jura, Sanday, Shapinsay and Balta belong to which European country?
4 Which US President had children named Tricia and Julie?
5 In the UK television series ‘Dad’s Army’, what was Lance-Corpopal Jack Jones occupation?
6 In Greek mythology, who is the goddess of the rainbow?
7 Which hymn is traditionally played before the start of the FA Cup Final?
8 Stargazy Pie originated in which English county?
9 What is the longest side called on a right-angled triangle?
10 Prosciutto is what type of foodstuff?
11 Sergeant Tibbs is the name of the barn cat in which Disney film?
12 What was the name of the submarine in which film director James Cameron made a solo descent to the deepest place in the Pacific ocean in March 2012?
13 What is the minimum alcohol drinking age in bars in Iceland?
14 What type of creature is Snowball in the 1945 novel ‘Animal Farm’?
15 Black Sigatoka is a leaf spot disease of which fruit plant?
16 Which game was nicknamed ‘Wiff Waff’?
17 Paul Weller was the lead singer in which 1970’s/1980’s band?
18 Which Australian cricket ground is known as ‘The Gabba’?
19 What does the Latin phrase ‘Errare humane est’ translate to in English?
20 Which US singer married Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Stevens?