1 In which novel is the term ‘elil’ used for enemy? Watership Down
2 The Bledisloe Cup is contested in Rugby Union between which two nations? Australia and New Zealand
3 Who played detective Virgil Tibbs in the 1967 film ‘In the Heat of the Night’? Sidney Poitier
4 During which year did the UK television series ‘Emmerdale Farm’ change its title to ‘Emmerdale’? 1989
5 Who wrote the poem ‘ The Ballad of Reading Gaol’? Oscar Wilde
6 Which British industrialist was the maternal grandfather of naturalist Charles Darwin? Josiah Wedgewood
7 Ancient Greek statesman Demosthenes used to practice his speaking, to cure his speech impediment, by placing what in his mouth? Pebbles
8 Which circle of latitude divides the Earth’s Southern and Northern Hemispheres? The Equator
9 In which European country is Lake Pielinen? Finland
10 ‘Gramen’ is the Latin name for which plant? Grass
11 Who is the host of the BBC television show QI? Stephen Fry
12 Cut, colour, clarity and carat are all considered when purchasing what? Diamonds
13 In Britain, who is traditionally first to make a speech at a wedding? Bride’s father
14 In the British royal family, who did Prince Andrew marry in 1986? Sarah Ferguson
15 The 1972 film ‘The Man of La Mancha’ is based on which fictional character? Don Quixote
16 Goodwood Race Course is in which English county? West Sussex
17 What is the name of the village fishmonger in the ‘Asterix’ series of cartoons? Unhygienix
18 What is the name of the Italian liqueur made from alcohol, sugar, water and rose essence? Rosolio
19 A sild is what type of small immature fish? Herring
20 The ‘Senior Service’ is the nickname for which of the British Armed Forces? Royal Navy