1 The 1920’s landscape painters known as the ‘Group of Seven’ were from which country? Canada
2 Which vitamin is known to prevent night-blindness? Vitamin A
3 Late American actor Bernard Schwarz was better known by what name? Tony Curtis
4 What is the name of the raised platform used for Torah readings in a Synagogue? Bimah
5 The stomach of which animal is traditionally stuffed for a haggis? Sheep
6 Which country was formerly known by the Greeks as Tylos? Bahrain
7 IA is the abbreviation for which US state? Iowa
8 Who played Margo Channing in the 1950 film ‘All About Eve’? Bette Davis
9 Which laundry product was advertised with the slogan ‘Trust pink, forget stains’? Vanish
10 The peptide hormone renin is secreted by which organ of the body? Kidney
11 The city of Baghdad lies on which river? River Tigris
12 How many states make up Germany? 16
13 If someone is born on the 24th May, what is their Zodiac sign? Gemini
14 On which side of the road do motorists drive in Australia? Left
15 Seal point is a dark brown marking on the fur of which animal? Cat
16 In which year was the ‘Storming of the Bastille’ in Paris? 1789
17 Simpkin is the name of the cat that appears in which Beatrix Potter book? The Tailor Of Gloucester
18 Who became British Prime Minister in April 1976? James Callaghan
19 Elizabeth Woodville was the wife of which English monarch? King Edward IV
20 Xanthophobia is the irrational fear of which colour? Yellow