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1 Which classic sci-fi thriller was originally made in 1956 and re-made in 1978, with another version made in 1993?
2 What is the capital of The Ivory Coast?
3 What is the oldest independent record label in Britain, founded in 1939?
4 In the UK, what is the name of the pedestrian crossing with traffic lights that go green only when no more pedestrians are detected on the crossing by infrared detectors and mats?
5 The Kruger National Park is located in which country?
6 In which European city is Richmond Bridge?
7 In human anatomy, a buccula is a double what?
8 Late actor John Elton Halliley was better known by what name?
9 In the children’s story by the Brothers Grimm, the rooster, cat, dog and donkey are known as the Town Musicians of where?
10 What is the name of Elliott’s dog in the 1982 film ‘ET’?
11 St Joseph’s Day is celebrated during which month of the year?
12 The town of Nokia is in which European country?
13 In the game of Bingo, ‘Cup of Tea’ is the nickname of which number?
14 What is the name of the fictional planet which is the homeworld of the ‘Transformers’?
15 What was the name of Clement Freud’s late artist brother?
16 Which country will be hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games?
17 Who wrote the 1942 song ‘White Christmas’?
18 British sportswoman Anita Lonsbrough won a 1960 Olympic Gold medal in which sport?
19 Svengali is the hypnotic musician in which George du Maurier novel?
20 A lumpsucker is what type of creature?