1 Which is the oldest British royal residence still in regular use? Windsor Castle
2 Which 2002 animated film is set during the ‘Pleistocene Era’? Ice Age
3 Who is the only driver to have completed and won the Triple Crown in motor racing? Graham Hill
4 Who wrote the play ‘Under Milk Wood’? Dylan Thomas
5 Which religion was founded by Guru Nanak in the 16th Century? Sikhism
6 In the Disney film ‘The Lion King’, what is the name of Simba’s wicked uncle? Scar
7 In September 1937, the first edition of which J R R Tolkien novel was published? The Hobbit
8 Alberto Fujimori became the President of which South American country in 1990? Peru
9 Freedom House, founded in 1941, an international non-governmental organisation, is based in which US city? Washington DC
10 Which is said to be the oldest book in the Bible? Job
11 Ichthyophobia is the irrational fear of which creatures? Fish
12 Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport is in which South American country? Brazil
13 Actress Margerita Carmen Cansino was better known by what name? Rita Hayworth
14 On a standard dartboard, which number lies between one and four? 18
15 Who played the title role in the UK television series ‘Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman’? Jane Seymour
16 In 1720, the ‘bursting’ of what in England caused widespread financial loss? The South Sea Bubble
17 What is the largest hammered copper statue in the world? Statue of Liberty
18 Relating to the children’s television show, how many colour ‘Blue Peter’ badges are there? Six
19 Which film won the most Oscars (six) at the 2010 Academy Awards? The Hurt Locker
20 Mount Jungfrau is in which European country? Switzerland