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1 Ananas is French for which fruit?
2 The World Snooker Championship is held at which Sheffield theatre?
3 In the Royal Air Force, which rank is between Squadron Leader and Group Captain?
4 Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz and Harper are children of which former England football player?
5 How many yards in a furlong?
6 What is the lowest denomination Euro banknote?
7 How many players are on the ice in an ice hockey team?
8 What is the capital of Iran?
9 What is the highest mountain in England?
10 British monarch Henry VIII was born in which royal palace?
11 Which type of creatures would live in a skep?
12 What is the name of the bear in the television series ‘The Muppets’?
13 A Nychthemeron is a period of how many consecutive hours?
14 In the nursery rhyme, who had ‘Silver buckles on his knees’?
15 Necromimesis is the feigning of what?
16 In which European city is the Brandenburg Gate?
17 Brazilian football legend Pele wore which number on his shirt?
18 What is the square root of one quarter?
19 A caduceus, a staff with two serpents twined around it, is often associated with which profession?
20 How many tentacles and arms altogether does a squid have?