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1 According to the Bible, what were the names of Adam and Eve’s three sons?
2 What is the smallest country on mainland Africa?
3 Used during World War I, what is a Sopwith Camel?
4 Drizella Tremaine, Gus, Bruno and Lucifer are all characters in which Disney film?
5 German Unity Day is celebrated in Germany during which month of the year?
6 Delphinus delphis is the scientific name for which creature?
7 What is the second largest emirate of the Unites Arab Emirates?
8 What was the name the eldest son of British monarch Queen Victoria?
9 The Liberty Bell (March) by John Philip Sousa is the theme tune to which UK television comedy series starring John Cleese?
10 Who wrote the 1831 novel ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame?
11 The Mariana Trench is the deepest point in which ocean?
12 In humans, the medical condition kyphosis affects which part of the body?
13 Schwarz is German for which colour?
14 Which band released a 1999 album entitled ‘The Man Who’?
15 What colour triangle is on the logo of the Bass brewery?
16 Which island group in the South Atlantic was once known as the Sebald Islands?
17 Which British comedian plays Brian Potter in the UK television series ‘Phoenix Nights’?
18 Earth, Ceramic, Gas and Masonry are all types of what?
19 The period in British history from 1795 to 1837 is often referred to as the ‘What…..era’?
20 Which big cat has the loadest roar?