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1 Which A is a fruit and a computer company?
2 Which B is a type of bun and a household fixture?
3 Which C means to capture and is an item of neckwear?
4 Which D means to follow someone closely and persistently, and is a domesticated canid?
5 Which E means to urge or encourage someone to do something, and is an item found in a coop?
6 Which F is to be moving at high speed, and to abstain from food or drink as a religious observance?
7 Which G means to reduce to small shreds, and is the recess of a fireplace?
8 Which H is a temporary problem or interruption, and to catch or fasten with a loop?
9 Which I is a painting of a holy figure used as an aid to devotion, and a graphic representation on a computer?
10 Which J is a physical shock or jolt, and a glass container?
11 Which K is a genus or species, and naturally well-disposed?
12 Which L means to come upon or discover by chance, and of little weight?
13 Which M is a contest, and to correspond in some essential aspect?
14 Which N is the raised hairs or threads on the surface of a fabric, and to sleep briefly?
15 Which O is a championship or competition with no restrictions as to who may qualify to compete, and allowing access?
16 Which P means to criticize someone or something severely, and a Greek god with horns and feet of a goat?
17 Which Q means to interrogate, and is a type of punctuation mark?
18 Which R means stood up from a seated position, and a type of flower?
19 Which S is a deadly sin, and a tree dwelling animal?
20 Which T is a breakfast item, and to drink in honour of a person?
21 Which U means to disclose or make known, and to remove a hat from the head?
22 Which V is a colour, and a girl’s name?
23 Which W is a sudden sharp twist or jerk causing injury, and the name of a tool?
24 Which X is a type of fish, and electromagnetic radiation?
25 Which Y is a name of a crude or brutish person invented by Jonathan Swift, and an Internet search engine?
26 Which Z is a situation characterised by confusion and disorder, and the title of a lad’s magazine?