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1 Which German philosopher wrote ‘Das Kapital’?
2 Which English author said ‘Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play…… is war minus the shooting’?
3 Historical figure Robin Hood is associated with which shade of green?
4 Which animal is the symbol of the US Democratic Political Party?
5 What is the real name of fictional character Shaggy from the animated television series ‘Scooby Doo’?
6 The international border between which two countries lies on the summit of Mount Everest?
7 Maria Bicknell married which English artist in 1816?
8 Venta Belgarum was the Roman name for which Hampshire town in England?
9 Which is the only one of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs who does not have a beard?
10 In the UK, the LTA is the governing body of which sport?
11 Which Greek philosopher was made to commit suicide by drinking hemlock?
12 The Internet company Google is based in which US state?
13 In the television series ‘The Simpsons’, what is the name of the ‘evil genius’ who has sworn to take revenge on Bart?
14 A natatorium is an indoor ‘what’?
15 Who wrote the 1964 book ‘The Corridors of Power’?
16 What is the currency of Argentina?
17 Bombay Sapphire is what type of alcoholic drink?
18 Smeaton’s Tower lighthouse is in which English city?
19 In British politics, who did Neil Kinnock replace as leader of the Labour Party?
20 Drenthe, Limburg and Flevoland are all provinces of which European country?
21 Ingvar Kamprad founded which international home products company in 1943?
22 In humans, ‘medial tibial stress syndrome’ is the medical term for which sporting injury?
23 What colour is Trap 1 in greyhound racing in the UK?
24 Gymnogynomania is an urge to spy on people while they are doing what?
25 In science, what does ‘Si’ stand for in Si Unit?
26 The ‘Ring of Fire’ is in which ocean?
27 Who played Brad Pitt’s wife Theresa Mills in the film ‘Seven’?
28 In Greek mythology, Artemis is the twin sister of which god?
29 Nepotal pertains to which family member?
30 What is the name of the hunter and arch enemy of cartoon character Bugs Bunny?