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1 Which British football manager was known as ‘El Tel’?
2 What type of food dish is a ‘London Particular’?
3 US President Ronald Reagan belonged to which political party from 1962?
4 Brothers Leon and Michael Spinks are associated with which sport?
5 On the human body, exungulation is the trimming of what?
6 Lenny Small and George Milton are the main characters in which novel by John Steinbeck?
7 How many zeros are in a US quadrillion?
8 ‘The Girl With a….’what’? Is a 17th Century painting by Johannes Vermeer?
9 In human behaviour, rhinotillexomania is compulsive, obsessive what?
10 In fashion what does VPL stand for?
11 Bait, Fly and Lure are all types of which device?
12 The 2000 Guineas Horse Race is run at which British race course?
13 How many avenues start from the circle of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris?
14 In the British television series ‘Callan’ played by Edward Woodward, what is Callan’s first name?
15 What type of fish is a Sockeye?
16 Who broke boxer Muhammed Ali’s jaw in a boxing match in March 1973?
17 How many pips sound in the BBC radio time-signal?
18 Which board game includes a swinging boot, a bucket, a bath tub and a seesaw?
19 What is the eagle on the Great Seal of the US holding in its right talon?
20 Who wrote the 2004 play ‘The History Boys’?
21 What was the name of the last concert by the Canadian-American rock group The Band in November 1976?
22 Who was the longest, continuously-serving British prime Minister of the 20th Century?
23 Who was the second husband of singer Madonna?
24 In sport, what does NHL stand for?
25 The Reverend Flasher is a fictional character in which 1974 ‘Carry On’ film?
26 The former French Sudan is now known by what name?
27 What is the name of the densely forested moon inhabited by the Na’vi in the 2009 film ‘Avatar’?
28 The ruins of Troy are in which modern-day country?
29 A septcentenary is an anniversary of how many years?
30 What is the title of the 1956 film, starring Kirk Douglas, which is a biography about the life of painter Vincent van Gogh?