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1 Which motorcycle company introduced the Jet Ski in 1972?
2 How many feathers, traditionally, form the cone of a badminton shuttlecock?
3 In the British Army, what does NCO stand for?
4 What are the two main political parties in the USA?
5 Which English composer conducted the London Symphony Orchestra at the 1931 opening of the Abbey Road Studios in London?
6 Who became US President Barack Obama’s Vice President in 2008?
7 The song ‘Send in the Clowns’ is from which musical?
8 If the temperature is 15 degrees in Centigrade, what is it in Farenheit?
9 Lake Havasu City is in which US state?
10 Which British television chef created snail porridge?
11 What is the title of the work by artist Damien Hirst in which a sheep is suspended in a tank of formaldahyde?
12 Who played Bodie and Doyle’s boss, George Cowley, in the UK television series ‘The Professionals’?
13 The Olmec and Mayan are two of the earliest recorded civilisations of which modern-day country?
14 Which tennis player, born in 1946, was nicknamed ‘Nasty’?
15 Who wrote the 1973 novel ‘The Dressmaker’?
16 Who plays Debbie Aldridge in the BBC 4 radio series ‘The Archers’?
17 Which chemical element has the symbol ‘As’?
18 Which US television fashion programme is co-hosted by model Heidi Klum?
19 What was US gangster Al Capone’s nickname?
20 In education/training what does NVQ stand for?
21 What was the first name of English singer/musician Elton John’s ex-wife?
22 The French resort of Biarritz lies on which body of water?
23 Mid-off, Cover Point and Square Leg are all terms used in which sport?
24 Which horse won the 2001 English Grand National?
25 Who was the last Kaiser of Germany?
26 What is a castrated male chicken called?
27 Which US President was the first to occupy The White House?
28 Drax Power Station is in which English county?
29 In the game of chess, which term is used to describe the position where a King cannot escape from an attack?
30 What is the name of the gallery from which members of the public can watch proceedings in the British House of Commons?