1 ‘The Abduction from the Seraglio’ (Il Seraglio) is an opera by which composer? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2 The former African nation of Nyasaland is now known by what name? Malawi
3 Albert Finney played ‘Sir’ in which 1983 film? The Dresser
4 Vache is French for which animal? Cow
5 Edward Seymour, Ist Duke of Somerset, was executed for treason during the reign of which English monarch? King Edward VI
6 Bibliophobia is the irrational fear of what? Books
7 Which English football club is nicknamed ‘The Addicks’? Charlton Athletic FC
8 What is lowered through a hawse hole on a ship? Anchor
9 In archery, what is a person who makes bows called? A bowyer
10 Which is the longest line on the London Underground Railway system? Central Line
11 Who was the second husband of actress Angelina Jolie? Billy Bob Thornton
12 Which is the only county in Britain to have two separate coastlines? Devon
13 English statesman John of Gaunt was regent to which future king of England while he was too young to take the throne? Richard II
14 In medicine, Hansen disease is better known by what name? Leprosy
15 Which late singer/musician was shot in an assassination attempt in Jamaica in December 1976? Bob Marley
16 Terra is the Latin name for which planet in our solar system? Earth
17 Which city hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics, which were boycotted by over 60 nations? Moscow
18 Which singer released a 2007 album entitled ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’? Rihanna
19 In the Bible, Conquest, War, Famine and Death symbolise the Four ‘what’? Horsemen of the Apocalypse
20 Which novel by Robert Louis Stevenson was originally published under the title ‘The Sea Cook’? Treasure island
21 According to the Bible, how many children did Adam and Eve have together? Three
22 Southdown is a breed of which animal? Sheep
23 Transylvania is in which European country? Romania
24 Soave wine is produced in which country? Italy
25 What was the first name of film-maker Billy Wilder? Samuel
26 Michael Gordon Peterson, often referred to by the British press as ‘The most violent prisoner in Britain’, changed his name to that of which US actor in 1987? Charles Bronson
27 The Gilles Villeneuve Formula One racing circuit is in which country? Canada
28 How many ‘beds’ are there usually on a Shove Ha’penny board? Nine
29 ‘Hen Wlad FY Nhadau’ is the national anthem of which European country? Wales
30 Actor Jay Silverheels is famous for playing which fictional television American Indian? Tonto