1 What is the most common boy’s name in children’s nursery rhymes? Jack
2 How many times can an A4 piece of paper be folded in half? Seven
3 Which facial features remain the same size from birth to adulthood? Eyes
4 Which is the largest continent on Earth? Asia
5 Who was the first American President? George Washington
6 Which planet is nearest to the Sun? Mercury
7 Author Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote the children’s novel ‘The Secret….’what’? Garden
8 What is the square root of 36? 6
9 Which reptiles camouflage themselves by changing colour? Chameleons
10 What type of angle is less than 90 degrees? Acute angle
11 In the human body, the patella is commonly known as what? Knee cap
12 What is the capital of Norway? Oslo
13 How many colours are in a rainbow? Seven
14 What is the name of Dr Who’s time machine? TARDIS
15 How many reeds does an oboe have? Two
16 Which author wrote the 1991 book ‘The story of Tracy Beaker’? Jacqueline Wilson
17 Singer Justin Bieber was born in which country? Canada
18 What is a group of lions called? A pride
19 The Eiffel Tower is in which European city? Paris
20 Welsh rarebit is another name for ‘what’ on toast? Cheese