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1 What is the modern-day name of the Kingdom of Mauretania?
2 What does the Latin phrase ‘Primus inter pares’ translate to in English?
3 In computing, what does AOL stand for?
4 What is the name of the 1780 London riots which were an anti-Catholic protest against the 1778 Papists Act?
5 What is the capital of Guyana?
6 What type of creature is a francolin?
7 In 1960, Makarios III became the first President of which Mediterranean island?
8 In rugby union, the Cook Cup is a challenge cup contested by which two countries?
9 William of Orange was the husband of which English sovereign?
10 The English town of Barnstaple lies on which river?
11 The Chianti Mountains are in which mountain range?
12 Which US state is known as the ‘Beaver State?
13 What is the final event of a men’s decathlon?
14 In Greek mythology, whose face was said to have launched a thousand ships?
15 Who played painter Paul Gaugin in the 1956 film ‘Lust for Life’?
16 In humans, esotropia affects which part of the body?
17 In the 1940 Disney film ‘Pinocchio’, what is the name of Geppetto’s cat?
18 A barista makes and serves what?
19 What is the national flower of Pakistan?
20 Spider, Jaw and Kiss are all terms used in which sport?
21 In 2006, who did Kirsty Young replace as the host of BBC’s Desert Island Discs?
22 What is the everyday name for ethylene glycol?
23 Used in gaming, what are ‘Devil’s bones’?
24 ‘Hit and Miss’ was the theme tune to which UK television programme?
25 Plateado is Spanish for which colour?
26 In which year was England footballer David Beckham awarded an OBE?
27 Actress Brooke Shields modelled jeans for which designer in the 1980’s?
28 What is the fin called underneath the rear of a surfboard?
29 Which mountain range is known as ‘The Backbone of England’?
30 In which year was former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher born?