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1 Which infamous monk was murdered in Petrograd (St Petersburg) in 1916?
2 Which poet and garden designer was dubbed ‘The Bard of Twickenham’?
3 Ninety per cent of the world’s rubies are mined in which Asian country?
4 An oropendola is what type of creature?
5 Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman play husband and wife in which 1979 film?
6 Roman Numerals CD represent which number?
7 During which month of the year does the Summer Solstice occur in the Northern Hemisphere?
8 In which US state did singer Elvis Presley perform his last concert?
9 An abecedarian is a person who is learning what?
10 Nanophilia is a strong attraction to which type of people?
11 Entertainer Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou is better known by what name?
12 In Greek mythology, who was condemned to hold the ‘world’ on his shoulders for all eternity as punishment for warring against Zeus?
13 Who was the Emperor of Ethiopa from 1930 to 1974?
14 Which future British monarch ‘married’ Maria Fitzherbert in 1785?
15 Corktip, Zig-Zag and Captain Bagshaw are all characters in which ‘Carry On’ film?
16 Which birds traditionally inhabit the Tower of London?
17 ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name’ is the theme tune to which US television series?
18 Which nursery rhyme is the title of an 1888 autobiographical short story by Rudyard Kipling?
19 Who is the megalomaniac leader of the Urbankans in the British television series Doctor Who?
20 Who wrote the 1973 novel ‘Fear of Flying’?
21 Who invented smokeless powder Ballistite in 1887?
22 ‘The Jerilderie Letter’ was dictated by which notorious Australian to Joe Byrne in 1879?
23 In Indian cookery, what is gingili otherwise called?
24 What was the name of the British Royal navy research vessel, commanded by Lieutenant James Cook on his 1769 voyage of discovery to Australia and new Zealand?
25 Which country has the Internet domain .dk?
26 ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ is the first line of which poem by John Keats?
27 In 1973, Patrick White became the first Australian to win a Nobel Prize in what?
28 Which film series featured the character Martin Riggs?
29 The seaside resort of New Brighton is on the North eastern tip of which English peninsula?
30 What colour are the stripes on the national flag of Egypt?