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1 In humans, what is the medical term for night blindness, the inability to see in dim light or at night?
2 ‘My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains, My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk’ are the opening lines of which poem?
3 Rosaria, Mendoza and Salta are all cities in which South American country?
4 Who became US President in March 1801?
5 Which three actors played ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ in the 1966 film?
6 In humans, Vrolik disease affects which part of the body?
7 The ‘Fashoda Incident’ of 1898 was the climax of imperial territorial disputes between the Britain and France in which country?
8 Which American author’s last two words on his deathbed were ‘Moose’ and ‘Indian’?
9 In which year did Barbados join The Commonwealth?
10 The Pasig and Marikina Rivers are in which Asian country?
11 In religion, what are the Zoroastrian books of Sacred Texts called?
12 The Duke of Monmouth, who was executed in 1685 after leading a rebellion against King James II, was the illegitimate son of which monarch?
13 Who was the host of the first two series of the UK television panel game show ‘Odd One In’?
14 ‘Ocimum citriodorum’ is the Latin name for which herb?
15 Slivovitz is a type of brandy made from which fruit?
16 Which football team did Gordon Banks play for prior to Leicester City?
17 What is the common single-celled green algae which is responsible for turning stagnant water an opaque green?
18 St Wenceslas Day is celebrated in the Czech Republic during which month of the year?
19 How many countries border Turkey?
20 Amychophobia is the abnormal fear of being what?