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1 Who starred as Jim Bowie in the 1960 film ‘The Alamo’?
2 Which British place of learning is referred to as the ‘OU’?
3 In the Bible, who is the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth?
4 Fictional character Sir Percy Blakeney is better known by what name?
5 What colour is a 100 Euro banknote?
6 In the children’s television series ‘The Magic Roundabout’, who is the operator of the roundabout?
7 In sport, what does WEPA stand for?
8 ‘Barwick Green’ is the theme tune to which BBC series?
9 Bearoff, Nullo Play and Quadrant are all terms used in which board game?
10 A bronze statue of Paddington bear is situated in which London station?
11 Mount of Venus, Plain of Mars and Mount of Jupiter are all found on which part of the body?
12 Which is the largest country in Africa?
13 The 1971 ‘Seabed Treaty’, between the US, Russia and the UK, banned the placement of what on the ocean floor, beyond a 12 mile coastal zone?
14 In which European city was the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest held?
15 How many metres is one lap of a standard Olympic running track?
16 What type of jump is made by jumping from a tall structure wearing a strong rubber cable, usually fastened around the ankles?
17 The Interlagos Formula One racing circuit is in which country?
18 How many sheets of paper, of the same size and quality, is in a metric quire?
19 In which mountain range did fictional character Rip Van Winkle sleep for twenty years?
20 Omphalophobia is the irrational fear of which part of the human body?
21 In Formula One racing, what does a red and yellow striped flag denote?
22 How many rings are on the Audi car logo?
23 Who plays Isobel Crawley in the UK television series ‘Downton Abbey’?
24 The Jigsaw Serial Killer is a fictional character in which series of horror films?
25 Rubber, Boxing and Gardening are all types of what?
26 A ‘Cabriole’ is a movement in what type of dance?
27 What does the trade magazine AVN stand for?
28 Which English football team won the 2008 FA Cup?
29 Serac is what type of foodstuff?
30 In which year was cigarette advertising banned on British television?