1 Richard Block and David Quayle founded which British-based DIY retailing company in 1969? B&Q
2 Which band released a 2007 album entitled ‘Minutes to Midnight’? Linkin Park
3 In 1993, which English singer lost his legal battle in a bid to be released from his contract with Sony Records, after accusing them of ‘professional slavery’? George Michael
4 Which English football club is nicknamed ‘The Toffees’? Everton FC
5 Singer Katy Perry married which British comedian in 2010? Russell Brand
6 In boxing, what does TKO stand for? Technical Knockout
7 What was the name of the missionary who is the subject of the 1958 film ‘Inn of the Sixth Happiness’? Gladys Aylward
8 Who was the only female competitor in the 1976 Montreal Olympics not to have been subjected to a sex test? Princess Anne
9 Sororal relates to, or is like, which member of the family? Sister
10 The 2011 film ‘The Hangover Part II’ is set in which country? Thailand
11 Which Japanese car manufacturer features a logo with three red diamonds arranged in the shape of a triangle? Mitsubishi
12 The Pushkin Prize, established in 1881, is awarded for the highest standard of literary excellence to authors from which country? Russia
13 ‘Play the ball as it lies’ is one of the rules of which sport? Golf
14 Which make-up brand is advertised as ‘The make-up of make-up artists’? Max Factor
15 How many hotels are there in a game of Monopoly? 12
16 How wide, in inches, is the width of a wicket in a game of cricket? 9 inches
17 The name Jessica was invented by William Shakespeare for which of his plays? The Merchant of Venice
18 Which martial art means ‘The way of the sword’? Kendo
19 What are Queen Elizabeth II’s racing colours? Purple and scarlet
20 Batterhead, Flam and Rimshot are all terms associated with which musical instrument? Drum
21 What is the name of the famous London museum which houses the most famous collection of wax figures in the world? Madame Tussauds
22 Lithology is the study of which natural substance? Rocks
23 An octadecagon has how many sides? 18
24 Sn is the symbol for which chemical element? Tin
25 Harris, Lewis and Donegal are all types of which fabric? Tweed
26 In the Bible, how many psalms make up the Book of Psalms? 150
27 Souchong is a black variety of what? Tea
28 Who played Squadron Leader Peter Carter, who cheated death, in the 1946 film ‘A Matter of Life and Death’? David Niven
29 A tephrodiscophile collects what? Ashtrays
30 Which two actors played ‘The Persuaders’ in the 1970’s UK television show? Roger Moore and Tony Curtis