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1 In Greek mythology who was punished for not returning the love of Echo by falling in love with his own reflection and pining away and dying, with a flower replacing his body?
2 What is the name of the farm in the 1995 film to which orphan Flora Poste, played by Kate Beckinsale, is sent to live with her relatives?
3 Which rapper’s real name is Shawn Carter?
4 In sport, pelota is Spanish for what?
5 Which poet wrote the collection ‘Birthday Letters’?
6 What was the surname of US outlaw brothers Bob, Jim, Cole and John?
7 Martian relates to which planet in our solar system?
8 Which 19th Century female French novelist, who had a nine year liaison with Chopin, shocked polite society by wearing men’s clothes and smoking cigars?
9 What is a female skunk called?
10 The toy ‘Metal Lazy Spring’ is better known by what name?
11 What is the young of a koala called?
12 Poet and author Oscar Wilde is buried in which European city?
13 Which nation’s football team prevented England from competing in the 1974 FIFA World Cup finals?
14 In mobile phone use, what does SMS stand for?
15 Which world championship darts player walked onto the stage to the tune of ‘Rabbit’ by Chas and Dave?
16 What is the fifth planet from the sun?
17 In which part of the human body is the aortic valve?
18 Cillian Murphy plays which villain in the 2005 film ‘Batman Begins’?
19 What is the official language of Brazil?
20 Who was the only Canadian-born British Prime Minister?
21 In which UK city is Great Victoria Street railway station?
22 Which cartoon character lives in a pineapple in Bikini Bottom?
23 In 1665, Thomas Willett was appointed the first Mayor of which city?
24 Sara Lownds was the first wife of which US singer/songwriter?
25 In French cookery, what is ‘farce’?
26 Satyriasis is excessive, often uncontrollable, what in a man?
27 In which Charles Dickens novel does the fictional character Sam Weller appear?
28 A septennium is a period of how many years?
29 Swedis-born Nicklas Lidstrom is associated with which sport?
30 Who invented the hovercraft in the 1950’s?